SHR IPL hair removal

Your skin deserves excellence in results and care. That’s why we’ve invested in the best available IPL technology with the SHR (Super Hair Removal) IPL machine.

The SHR (Super Hair Removal) system is the best in class for achieving results using the most innovative technology on todays market. This system is renowned for creating painless, permanent and powerful results when used by our expert technicians.

Hassle free hair removal

If waxing or shaving is no longer cutting it and you want to see long lasting results that persist over time, IPL could be the ideal solution.  Our recently built SHR IPL Superlux machine is best in its class for its speed, effectiveness and comfort.

SHR IPL hair removal

The SHR system involves gradual heating to the dermis to a target temperature that damages the hair follicles and prevents hair re-growth effectively.

Rapid repetitions of single pulses are delivered deep into the dermis achieving high-powered and therapeutically effective heat build up without the risk of injury to surrounding tissue.

When it comes to IPL hair removal treatment, preparation really pays off. To get the most from your session, we advise:

  • Avoiding waxing, fake tan and body treatment oils on the area in the 3-4 weeks leading up to your session
  • Avoiding exposure to sun at all times
  • Shave the area on the day of your session
  • Wear comfortable clothing to your session

Please contact us for more information and to determine suitability for this treatment.

Following your session, the aim is to regulate heat in the skin and avoid irritation. So for up to 7 days following your treatment you should avoid:

  • Exercise that’s likely to cause sweating
  • Very hot showers or the use of saunas
  • Swimming
  • Sun exposure – A good quality physical sunscreen is a MUST daily with IPL treatments
  • Active skincare such as AHA or Retinol
  • Exfoliating the treatment area

It’s important to know that results may vary from person to person, hair growth can be restimulated in a number of ways. We always recommend a course of treatments for best results and follow up treatments may be necessary to maintain your result. A best case scenario is around an 80% reduction of growth.

Certain medications (including antibiotics) and skin conditions can make your skin more light sensitive, so it’s very important that you let us know about your medication before treatment.

At the beginning of treatment, your IPL therapist will advise a suggested number of sessions – however this is a guide only and will depend on how your skin and hair reacts over time.

The Fitzpatrick Scale is the numerical scale used to determine your skin phototype and suitability for IPL treatment. Our device is capable of treating Fitzpatrick I to III to IV safely.

Generally, the best candidates for laser hair removal are people who have a high level of contrast between their hair and skin colour (i.e. the hair colour is much darker than the skin colour). This is to avoid the absorption of photonic energy into the skin when we are targeting the hair. Safety is our priority so we have a strict screening process during our consultation to determine suitability for our IPL procedures.

It is important to avoid sun exposure during your IPL treatment course. The settings we use will be predetermined from your previous treatment, if your skin has been exposed to sunlight you may be prone to a thermal injury.

Fitzgerald Skin Type Features Tanning ability
I Blonde or red hair, freckles, very fair skin, blue eyes Burns always
II Fair/red hair, freckles, fair skin, blue/green eyes Usually burns, then tans
III Tanned or light olive skin, dark hair May burn, tans well
IV Mediterranean or deep olive skin, dark hair Rarely burns, tans well
V Darker olive skin, dark brown or black hair Very rarely burns, tans well
VI Dark skin, black hair Never burns, tans well
  • It’s speedy with an ultra-fast rapid Intense light action
  • Minimal pain! Comfortable and gentle on sensitive skin types – our machine has built in cooling for your comfort
  • Our machine is Australian made and our therapists have undergone quality local and ongoing training.
  • Achieve awesome results – individual results may vary, but our clients have raved about their satisfaction and choice to undergo IPL hair removal with us.


Legs & arms
Lower Half Leg – $99
Upper Half Leg – $105
Full Leg – $150
Inner Thigh – $75
Back of Thighs – $75
1/2 Arm – $75
Full Arm – $90
Hands & Fingers – $45

Standard Bikini – $50
G-String Bikini – $60
Brazilian – $75
Bottom (add on) – $15

Chest – $150
Back + Shoulders – $150
Shoulders Only – $110
Lower Stomach – $85
Underarm – $50
Lower Back – $85

Middle of Brow – $35
Upper Lip – $35
Chin  – $35
Sides – $35
Cheeks $45

Neck – $40
Snail Trail – $35
Toes – $35
Nipples – $35
Shaving Fee – From $5 for touch ups

Prepay 6 of any one area and save 10%


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